The smart app that enriches communications!

Enriched presence. Mobility reinvented.

Uniquity is a unique Server and Client RCS application, allowing an enhanced customer experience, integrating communication on workstations and smartphones. Learn more...

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Increased revenue

Uniquity allows the Operator/Service Provider to increase the average revenue per customer with great new value proposal. We believe that Uniquity -as a enriched RCS service- can compensate the traditional decrease of communication turnover by turning traditional "minutes" business model into "service" business model.

Return on investment (ROI)

One of our Asian Clients enjoyed a 6 months ROI with our Uniquity ; depending on the final pricing and the marketing bundle, we usually acknowledge a 6 to 12 months ROI.

Differentiated offerings

Uniquity key innovative feature with enriched presence help the operator to differentiate from competition on his market

Operational benefits

Uniquity shows a great day to day productivity increase. With Enriched presence, users are more efficient since they can focus on communication that matters and stop being disturbed by a multitude of media sources.

Increased customer satisfaction

Uniquity brings a new and easy way of communicating better and faster

Enriched presence

Work social! Enriched presence based on calendar, location and network adapts the way you can be reached in real-time without having to think about it. Colleagues and customers interact in a more efficient way with the user.

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Enriched smart VVM

Building on the concept of Enriched Presence, smart Visual Voicemail can be used to sort voice mails by importance, as determined by internal - timestamp, contact name - or external factors - calendar events, location.

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Unified communication

We believe that the future of Unified Communication lies in the capacity of of being "smartly" available anywhere anytime, with any device. It means being available for productive interactions, not "always" available!

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Enriched presence. What does it mean?

It means achieving more while doing less. The system automatically recognizes different circumstances in which the users can find themselves, and react accordingly: calendar events can set user status to show participation in a meeting, optional gps positioning allows automatic check in at points of interest relevant to each individual, loss of network connection forwards all calls to voicemail which then are brought up to the user upon their return to the coverage area, and much more

Enriched smart VVM. Quiet support.

It's a common scenario: even in the midst of a metropolis there are areas devoid of mobile coverage. When crossing such an area, users are cut off from the connectivity they rely on. Thanks to Smart Visual Voicemail, not only will any user be notified of all their missed calls, but those will be prioritized using a variety of factors to allow for rapid response and critical decision making.

Unified communication. Work smarter!

Uniquity is an app providing enriched presence, instant messaging (IM), voice & video calling, Web conferencing, and file transfer, both within the organization and externally. This software can be set up in a few clicks on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptops). It can dialog with other existing bricks of Unified Communication and uses geolocalization, calendar and AI to adapt dynamically the enriched presence status & available media.